Shan Wu

        Shan Wu is an U.S.-based Taiwanese independent filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist working in video, photography, sculpture, and installation. She is based between Taipei, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts. She is a graduate from California Institute of the Arts’ Film and Video Program and Integrated Media Program.  Her work investigates gender and cultural identity, nationality, language, structure, and site-specificity. Utilizing humor and ambiguity, her work offers accessibility and unfamiliarity that provokes questions and reflections. Her work has been exhibited in Taiwan, the US, and her film work has been screened internationally. She has won the Bronze Medal of National Art Exhibition ROC in New Media Art, Best Experimental Film at Brussels Independent Film Festival, and the Tim Disney Prize for Excellence in the Storytelling Arts. She was an artist resident of The Residency Project@880 and The Residency Project@1303. Shan serves as the Programming Director of the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival.

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