My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues while giving special prominence to gender and cultural identity, languages, landscape and site-specificity. Often referencing Taiwanese culture, my work explores the varying relationships between daily life, ideology and art. Drawing inspiration from existing objects and personal narratives, my artwork offers a starting point for questions and reflections on the communal experience.

       I work with video, photography, light, installation and many other mediums. I have applied projection mapping, analogue film, 3D printed sculpture, ceramics, and computer programming in my artwork. While I apply different approaches tailored to specific projects, my methodology is consistently research-based and concept-driven. I am always excited about experimenting with new materials through each project.

       My art making is a process of deciphering the core of what we see, feel, and understand. I often modify existing images to defamiliarize common cultural references. The ambiguity allows us to contemplate on the complexity of how we perceive reality. I use humor as a strategy to challenge the way we see the world. I also closely work with space and body. Site-specific and community engagement has been an integral part of my art practice. As an artist, I aspire to create art that is accessible, inspiring, edifying, and creates dialogues.