Lookover | Animated digital video | 3’ 07” | 2016

Lookover 山不是山  is a work that combines live action video and visual effects, creating an illusion of mountains propelling like waves and waves forming into mountains. Lookover is an exploration of the concept of time and space. The mountains become a container for the ocean, as reality becomes a vehicle for our dreams and thoughts. Look over the mountains, the boundaries, and the surface of what has been defined. A transformation of what we see is made by what we think of.
The Chinese title of ’山不是山’ comes from the second part of a traditional saying about the three aspects of perception. "Seeing mountains as mountains, Seeing mountains not as mountains, Seeing mountains as mountains again.” The first state is to perceive as you see; the worldly definition of the subject, and its worldly form. The second state is to question the essence of the subject. The interpretation changes with the viewer’s perception. The third part is to verify the perception, and to see the substance itself. In this work, I project waves as an escape from the mountains that confine us to the geometrical environment and carry out my nostalgia.


CINMARE Int'l Ocean Film Festival, METRO KINO IM SCHLOSSHOF, Germany, Official Selection, 2018
Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker, Taiwan, Official Selection, 2017
Supernova Digital Animation Festival, US, Official Selection, 2017
California Institute of the Arts Film and Video Showcase, REDCAT, US, 2017